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About Me

About Me

  • Please describe yourself

    I’m a product of my experiences and the choices I’ve made: a work in progress...
  • What are your interests?

    Cooking, Art, Reading, Exploring, Equal Rights, Animal Rights,
  • What are your absolute favorite things to bake?

    Personal or bit sized items, like cupcakes or muffins.
  • What are your favorite vegan baked items to eat?

    It just depends on how I feel that day.
  • What types of vegan baking are you trying to master?

    I want to master it all!
  • What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

    Alternative Rock and Instrumental mostly.
  • What shows or movies have you been into lately?

    Simpsons, Archer, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother....Breakfast At Tiffany's, Love Actually, Scott Pilgrim vs The Works, Repo!
  • What state do you live in?

Member since
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 15:51
Last online
3 years ago
  • JME started a new discussion Extracts and Flavors Oils. Ho...
    3 years ago

    So many of the ones you can find in the store aren't very transparent about ingredients. I can find easy ones like pure Vanilla and Almond, but if I want something like Watermelon, Coconut, Cotton Candy, or Root Beer then its hard for me to tell. T...

  • JME added a reply in discussion What should I look for in a re...
    3 years ago

    Great information. Thanks for your help!...

  • JME started a new discussion What should I look for in a re...
    3 years ago

    What should I look for in a recipe if I want to make it ahead of time and freeze? Or what ingredients should I avoid freezing? Items like cookie dough, or baked cupcakes/muffins for example. What makes a recipe ok to freeze?...

  • JME replied to a discussion Re: Where can I find informati...
    4 years ago

    Mattie, I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. I've already found some great information in your Resources section. I have a feeling this site is going to be on my daily visit list. I really appreciate the time and detail you put into your answer. It makes a lot of sense to start with traditional food science. Thanks for the list. I ...

  • JME started a new discussion Where can I find information o...
    4 years ago

    I'm great at baking with a recipe. I can even put my own spin on recipes I find. What I want to be able to do is start creating my own recipes from scratch. I feel like this involves understanding more about the chemistry of how different ingredients react to one another. While I would love to go to a vegan culinary school, I don't have the mo...


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