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Dr. E.   April 27, 2020


I'm a fairly new vegan (about 18 months) but have long been interested in more healthy baking recipes. Mattie - it's VERY impressive the way you research your posts & go into detail, as it's not easy to separate fact from fiction when it comes to food. I'm also a pulmonary/critical care physician and wanted to share with you just a couple of quick facts about coconut oil.
One thing is for sure as far as the medical field is concerned - saturated fats and trans fats are harmful. Period. Attempts have been made in recent years to sell coconut oil as a plant version that is more healthy. This is simply not true. And it's probably because of this that many vegans end up in the Cardiac Cath labs of hospitals with acute MI's (heart attacks). I would love to see food bloggers and recipe developers incorporate more known 'healthy' oils (canola, light olive oil, sunflower & safflower oils) into their recipes.
Here are a couple of recent publications from the top journals in the field. Coconut oil increases LDL (bad fat) and does NOT decrease markers of inflammation, as has been claimed.

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