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donaldg   February 19, 2019


when you say "splits" do you mean it doesn't fully emulsify? like you have two different fats, one sitting atop the other? i've had that trouble before and what i do now is put the coconut oil first (at room temp) in a blender and blend it til it's no longer a full-on solid. something thick & creamy. then with the blender on low i'll add the liquid fat. after this i add in my yogurt mix followed by the emulsifying agent last. not rushing it seems to be key for me. i definitely think it'll break if you just throw it all in the blender together.

donaldg   January 29, 2019

The Croissant/Euro-Butter Struggle Is Real

Been struggling to make my own butter for croissants. Virtually every attempt renders the butter in some rather unusable way (too runny, too hard, etc). The closest I got thus far was a quick mimic of the cocoa butter version on this site. I'm going to give this recipe a go and see where I get. I also looked up weighted conversions for these volume measurements and will try that! If my sprouted rice rejuvelac is ready I may use that as well!

donaldg   January 04, 2019
(Updated: January 04, 2019)


Thankful for Happy Chappy's note here. I think I've only just realized that everytime I've made something like this it's never been properly emulsified. I just noticed my batch "broke" after the initial mix. I realized my cocoa butter was still a little chunky so I put it back in the Vitamix and on pouring it out...broke! I wonder if treating it more like an aioli would be helpful? Blending the solid fats and slowly adding the liquid fat then the curdled soy & emulsifier? Might give it a try! Thanks for all this help!

**immediately after writing this comment I went to my partially chilled broken butter, put a stick blender in it and emulsification came right back, so there is hope beyond the point of adding the soymilk & emulsifier!

3 results - showing 1 - 3