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ml   October 16, 2016

Answer to Josh

Hi Josh,
Check out Mattie's croissant recipe. He uses a mix of his Regular Vegan Butter and his Vegan Shortening.

Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
ml   August 27, 2016
(Updated: August 27, 2016)

Thank you so much for this recipe! It's fantastic!!

I've used this recipe four times since getting an ice cream maker last month. Perfect texture and taste every time. I use the tofu base mostly, but I did try the cashew base once. Both of them worked very well. With the tofu base and plain vanilla flavour, there is a bit of a "beany" taste. I didn't find that simmering the tofu ahead of time changed that. But, I never eat vanilla ice cream plain. With a fresh fruit topping or alongside a piece of pie, the beany taste didn't come through.

I use xylitol instead of granulated sugar, but otherwise followed Mattie's instructions for corn syrup and vegetable oil. When I made the chocolate flavour, I used all cocoa butter instead of oil, but that made the ice cream very hard and difficult to scoop. I will use the oil and cocoa butter ratio from now on.

Flavours I've tried:
-chocolate by adding 1/2 cup cocoa powder in the blender.
-mint-chocolate by using peppermint extract instead of vanilla and adding 1/4 cup grated vegan chocolate at the end
-almond-cherry by using almond extract and and adding 1/2 cup cooked down cherries and 1/4 cup toasted chopped almonds

I found the most important thing is to keep every thing very cold. After making the the batter, I put it into the fridge overnight. Any additions going in at the end, I put in the freezer or fridge at the same time so they are very cold when they are added at the end.

2 results - showing 1 - 2