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[email protected]   August 20, 2016

vegan shortening

Hi, I really applaud your efforts to be more conscious about the ingredients you use and especially thank you for becoming vegan. However, I would like to point out that canola oil is not healthy for you. A genetically modified product, canola oil is a Canadian invention that is backed by their government, cheap to manufacture, and many processed or packaged foods contain it. Canola oil was first created in the early 1970s as a natural oil, but in 1995, Monsanto created a genetically modified version of canola oil. Naturally grown rapeseed contains a high amount euric acid (54%) which damages heart muscles. Always use natural nut or seed oils and leave the canola alone.
And a little tip, if you add a small amount of tumeric to your shortening, you have a golden colored substitute for butter.

1 results - showing 1 - 1