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dandds   July 26, 2016

coconut vinegar is the way to go

As a science based person I really appreciated the background here. To those who have difficulty finding stuff locally--that's what Amazon is for. Even though my local organic store (Sprouts) had refined coconut oil AND coconut vinegar--I ordered online as well. You can get more than a pound and a half (54 0z) of Nutiva Refined Coconut oil for around $17, and the vinegar for around $6. I also got some palm oil as well (since most commercial products I find contain both coconut and palm oil) I hope the environment will forgive me. I also ruined the first 2 batches. I didn't have refined coconut oil on hand so I used unrefined---big mistake--I hoped everything else would mask the coconut flavor--it doesn't. Don't go there! second mistake: I used exactly the blue silicone molds that were in the picture..they had been in the freezer unused for a couple of years and imparted a terrible freezer taste to the butter that penetrated well into it. I could at least get a sense of the flavor though and found that the 1/2 apple cider and 1/2 coconut vinegar was still too much apple cider vinegar for me. Today I made it without apple cider vinegar---It's great!
Other points---I sometimes make homemade soy milk--it's easy---I found that homemade curdles MUCH better than commercial.
While I like both tumeric and saffron (both mentioned by other readers) I didn't want it in my butter---BUT using 1/2 of the oil being palm oil--it comes out a pale golden.
My usual go to vegan butter had been earth balance---no need--this is quick and easy, and especially good for baking

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