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Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
Jaroslaw   June 30, 2016
(Updated: June 30, 2016)


Owner of website - why are you not addressing all the posts of the people who said the ice cream didn't thicken? (there were several) I got the impression some posters were using iceless ice cream freezers. I have a thought - I don't think iceless ice cream makers (the kind that go into your home freezer overnight) get cold enough. I had one and it never worked all the way. I think you probably have to use an old fashioned freezer with ice and salt. If what you're doing isn't cold enough, add more salt. You must use rock salt. Not toooo much or it will freeze fast and be super grainy. Instructions on proportions are in most cookbooks or on the internet.

To the person who asked about ice cream getting rock hard once it goes into the home freezer - I have made dairy and vegan ice cream. All of them get rock hard after freezing overnight. There are a lot of additives in most commercial ice cream and they also have very precise equipment to get just the right amount of air etc. in the finished product. I do have a new acquaintance who is a chef, he makes ice cream in stainless bowls. Freeze 15 minutes, stir like mad, I guess with a very strong whisk (and a very strong arm)! continue until desired thickness. So before you put the ice cream away and forget it, maybe stir a few times 15 minutes apart?

1 results - showing 1 - 1