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Vegan Crepe Recipes
VK33   January 24, 2016

Great taste

Bieng French, I've had quite a number of crepes in my life :) And these ones taste awesomely good! I followed your recipe (on a side note: working with grams instead of cups is so much precise, don't you think so? It's a major difference between European / French cuisine and US cuisine), the only alteration being that I used flax gel (1 teaspoon) instead of flax meal.

The only worry I had was that I couldn't really made them really thin like in France (0.5 millimeters approx.) because they had a tendancy to break appart when I tried to flip the crepes. It's certainly due to the fact that flax gel is not as good as eggs as a structure builder, as you mentionned.

I'll try the recipe with more flax gel and see how it goes.

Thanks again, the recipe is really good!!!

VK33   January 23, 2016

Thank you so much

I am a passionate baker from France, and I fell into vegan baking a month ago. I was a bit disappointed by some recipes, because bloggers were not rigorous enough. Therefore what a pleasure to read your article! You go deep into your explanations, making it perfectly clear. Your blog is, according to me, a huge reference in the vegan baking word. Bravo!

2 results - showing 1 - 2