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ystahr   December 11, 2014

tasty cookie!

These are yummy. Thanks for the recipe. I did add extra water because I thought the batter was very dry but then regretted it once I removed them from the oven after 20 minutes and found that they were too soft. So I put them back in on the top rack of the oven and kept them in for an additional 10 minutes. They were perfect. I then set them out on my porch where our northern winter air cooled them to crispy perfection.

I only used half cup of sugar, since I'm cutting back. They were still very sweet, even in spite the sour whole cranberry sauce that I used for the jam filling.

Instead of Earth Balance for 1/2 cup fat I used 1/2 cup combination of canola and softened coconut oil. and I used maple syrup instead of golden syrup. I was able to get 22 small to medium sized cookies with this recipe.

1 results - showing 1 - 1