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Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
K-monster   July 22, 2014

This. Is. PERFECT.

I have tried several Vegan ice creams, and even made my own recipes (early on in the learning process). They were edible - which is fairly impressive - but NOT good. When we discovered my daughters food allergies a few years ago, she took the news with grace and style. She had just turned 13 at the time, and to be told that you suddenly can't have chocolate, enjoy quiche and cheeses... I don't know if I could have handled it so well. But I'm not afraid, so I jumped right in and started cooking "vegan" dishes (that was the easiest way to search). I can add meat to anything, but the best way to find the allergy requirements is to go to Vegan sites. This ice cream - EVERYONE LOVES IT! It is creamy, tasty, it freezes nicely, melts with the same speed and texture as dairy ice cream... It really is perfect! I did the cashew base, and it was a vanilla ice cream; but my two older kids - who didn't watch me make it - did not know the base. When they tasted it, they immediately named the flavor I couldn't quite put my finger on: COOKIE DOUGH. Yep, for us - going the cashew route - the final product had a distinct Cookie-Dough Ice Cream flavor. And BTW, I used it the first time as the special dessert for my daughter's birthday, and served it with Grilled Carmelized Pears (I posted the directions on my blog). It was soooooo delicious. My husband, who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, had seconds! So thanks for this recipe - if you want Vegan ice cream that is fabulous, and hate the exorbitant prices for a little container that will NOT be as good, make this recipe. Follow it, and life will be sweet!

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