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Vegan Bar and Square Recipes
kdasi   July 09, 2014


Hi Mattie - me and my flatmates down here in New Zealand are devouring this fudge, it is sooo good. One thing I'm wanting to get your expert advice on is - is it possible to make this with brown sugar instead of powdered ( I prefer the taste ) - and get a good solid consistency with that? I tried it first with soft brown sugar (don't know what the equivalent would be in the US) and it tasted amazing, but didn't set (would be perfect as the caramel bit in a caramel slice though!) and then I made it with the powdered sugar and it set way better, but still gets a bit gooey out of the fridge so hard to wrap in parchment paper and give as gifts (which is what I want to do). What do you think? I would be eternally indebted for your help!
ps love all the cookie/brownie recipes here too. Great site!

1 results - showing 1 - 1