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Vegan Sponge Cake Recipes
andreanewengland   April 25, 2012

Double it!

I can only give it a 3 based on my changes, so maybe not a fair score for the white cake. I made it Lemon Cake by using lemon juice in place of vinegar, which was fine. I used a teaspoon+ of lemon extract for the extracts. They say on the bottle to be careful because it's so concentrated. But it was only vaguely lemony. The cake itself was rather heavy or dense. But at least it didn't crumble like some vegan cakes. It was an extremely thick batter. For my second layer (see below), I added a bit of water to the batter. So maybe altering this recipe was not the best way to make a lemon cake. I'll try it again as a white cake sometime!

I want to emphasize that this makes one layer, which I wouldn't actually call a "cake." I didn't notice that (my bad), so once I realized it, I just went ahead and finished the one layer and started over to make another one so I'd have an entire layer cake. Not a huge problem since all the ingredients and cups were still out.

Vegan Pastry Recipes
andreanewengland   March 11, 2012

Slightly disappointed

These sure looked magnificent, but I was disappointed in a couple of aspects. The dough is excellent. When I made the filling, there was nowhere near enough to cover the rectangle. (I was following your instructions precisely, so I measured the dough to 16x20) My solution was to bulk it up with more 'butter.' I also added more cinnamon, 2.5 tsp seemed light. I carefully covered the surface, though I recommend using a rubber scraper or an offset spatula rather than spoon. Anyhooo. I baked them in a metal pan lined with a silicone sheet. I usually stay away from glass as it's a poor conductor of heat, and I wasn't worried about even cooking because I was using the convection setting in my oven. They came out looking incredible. I used a reduced amount of coconut oil in the frosting (I was low having just made some vegan butter :) ) and was glad of that because I prefer a less viscous result from using just the milk.
The thing was, when we dug into them, there was virtually no filling inside. It had either been absorbed somehow or leached out. There were in fact puddles of caramel on the silicone sheet. That said, my husband thought they were delicious, and they were really good. Next time I think I would actually cut back on the butter in the filling. Do you think that might keep the filling from sliding out?

2 results - showing 1 - 2