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Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
Veganease   April 04, 2014

Can I use raw coconut in place of coconut oil?

Help! Whole Foods gave me whole raw coconut and I didn't realize it wasn't the oil until I got home and was in the middle of making this. I am already substituting additional vegetable oil for the coco butter (because it costs $25.00) so I don't know if this will ruin the batch. I am using a tofu base (boiled for 3 minutes to get rid of bean flavor, as suggested by one of the commenters) and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Vegan Brownie Recipes
Veganease   March 30, 2014

Recipe works great with Enjoy Life chocolate

This recipe worked beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing the results of your experiments. This is the first recipe I have tried on your site and I look forward to trying your others.

I used Enjoy Life brand vegan chocolate, which is manufactured specifically to be free of common allergens. I used their Mega Chunks, which melted in the microwave to a perfect liquid chocolate, after reading on another site that this chocolate melts so well that it can be used in chocolate molds. I still added the boiling water and followed every other step in the recipe. My vegan butter was Earth Balance brand sticks.

This recipe got lots of complements from others, who didn't know it was vegan.

2 results - showing 1 - 2