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caitlin_kiss   November 25, 2013

Cups? =S

Hi there!! Was so glad to find a recipe for a gluten-free vegan cake as my mummy has recently discovered that she can't have gluten, dairy or eggs :( and I really wanted her to have a yummy birthday cake despite this! So I managed (with difficulty) to source all the ingredients and cake came out ok (although had to add more liquid as batter was too doughy for my little arm to whisk - no electric whisker!). It's tasty, moist but not a very cake-like texture, slightly more bready or like a fruit loaf texture. BUT can't complain as she was just delighted to have a birthday cake as she didn't think she would have one :D

However, I do not think the texture was the fault of the recipe as I think I may have used the wrong conversion for ingredients listed in 'cups' but correct for measurements listed in 'tsp' and 'tbsp', therefore creating the wrong balance!! I used a great conversion website but assumed these were US Cups, as opposed to Metric Cups....was this wrong?? Any chance you could list the recipe in grams/ounces and mls for me pretty-please? :D

1 results - showing 1 - 1