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BakerEric   July 26, 2013


We bought a special order whole cake, a chocolate chip cookie, their "Tollhouse Cookie", a hemp flax granola cookie, a slice of chocolate hazelnut sheet cake, an orange sticky bun.

super yummy and super delicious

very creative flavors and a great variety

good amount of moistness, etc.

They were very kind and sweet, they called us the day before we picked up our cake and told us they were out of chocolate sprinkles.

Vegan Brownie Recipes
BakerEric   July 26, 2013

We made these as instructed, for the full 35 minutes. Our oven must bake faster than others (we had it on convection-multi at 325). The brownies came out sad and overcooked :((((

They were good aside form that, next time we will bake for less time.

Baker's little helper added a warm dark chocolate ganache on top, which then solidified, and they improved.

2 results - showing 1 - 2