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Vegan Pastry Recipes
GreenTrees   June 10, 2013

Thank you, worth the wait!!!

Thank you for this fantastic recipe!

I subbed 1.5 c of whole wheat flour, 2 tsp instant yeast, and skipped the raisins. Next time I will increase the cinnamon in the filling, too. I used the exact rise times although maybe with instant yeast I could have shortened them.

The rolls didn't seem done at 15 minutes and even at a little over 20 minutes when I took them out, I didn't see much browning (maybe because ww flour was more brown to begin with), but they are definitely done - next time I will take them out at 18 minutes. The walnuts on top got a lovely toasty flavor. My filling also ran out and covered the bottom of my dish, but the rolls still taste great! I just bookmark recipes I like, so if you find that tapioca or something keeps the filling from running out, I'll use your updated recipe.

My husband kept asking when they would be done - and I really hoped after what was a long time on a recipe for me that they would be worth it... and they really are!!!!!

Thanks again Mattie!

1 results - showing 1 - 1