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Diane C   June 07, 2013


My husband is 100% gluten-free and we're also long time vegans. Add to that his multitude of food allergies/sensitivities and the inability to have ANY salt in anything, and making a birthday cake for him is, well, challenging.

This recipe started with most things that he could have. I did substitute a few things: vinegar for lemon juice; flour-- 1/3 sorghum, 1/3 almond meal and 1/3 sweet rice; guar gum instead of xanthan to avoid corn and I used coconut oil-- oh, and I used canned coconut milk instead of the other type that has all the other ingredients that he can't have-- like salt.

It was really good and even the non-gluten-free people gulped it down and asked for more.

For a frosting, I powdered natural sugar, added some coconut oil and a splash of coconut milk (the canned stuff). It was really good! If I'd had some maple syrup, I'd have substituted it.

He had a great birthday yesterday and thanks largely to this recipe. Thanks!

1 results - showing 1 - 1