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onlyjustvegan   March 08, 2013

A million thank you's!

Firstly, Thank you so much for this recipe. I have only been a vegan for about a month, and while I had no qualms about omitting meat and milk from my diet, as a passionate baker, I did feel a sense of loss for all the recipes that call for eggs and butter.
However I quickly learnt that they can easily be replaced in the majority of recipes, and have been having great fun recreating all of my old favourites cruelty free!
However, there are just a couple of recipes, like my homemade Croissants/Pain Au Chocolate, for which there is no replacement for butter, and I have been totally unable to purchase vegan butter anywhere, or even find anyone who has heard of it...
Which is what lead me here.
I cannot describe to you the joy and elation of being able to make my own butter, it feels like one of my greatest culinary achievements ever!
I was really shocked at how quick and simple it was too. After mixing it, and putting in the freezer to chill, I was concerned that the mix had quite a vinegary smell, and prepared myself for the worst... An hour later, I tentatively had my first taste and WOW! It was creamy, salty and UTTERLY BUTTERLY!
Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You again for making this available to me (particularly as it seems to be the only one available!).
The only slight issue, is that I used Soya lecithin granules, (as they were the cheapest and most available option) and they didn't seem to melt into the mix, so I had brown flecks in it, which didn't seem to affect the flavour, although it was a little crumbly which could possibly be related(?).
Any tips to avoid this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much for reuniting me with my beloved Pastries! :)

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