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New York
ladydevito   January 08, 2011

A little pricey for my taste..

I was in the neighborhood today, so I made my first ever trip to the famed Babycakes with aims of getting a cupcake. Although their selection isn't huge, what they have is tasty. A cupcake will run you about $4.25, and while it was delicious, I would probably only spend the money again if I was buying something as a gift for someone (got the red velvet cupcake!). The shop itself is very cute, the staff are very friendly and helpful, and I love the fact they only bake with spelt or gluten free ingredients, as well as only sweetening with agave syrup or coconut oil, and using organic! That's a huge plus and I really loved it. They also had a special when I was there, selling their day-old leftovers for cheap, which was nice as well. All in all, if you're ever in the neighborhood, totally try this place out, but like I said, a little pricey for someone who bakes all her own vegan goodies!

1 results - showing 1 - 1