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Vegan Yeasted Enriched Bread Recipes
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Vegan SkinnyVegan BreadWhen I began making bread weekly in December 2011, the non-vegan version of this bread was the first recipe I tried. After experimenting with several other recipes, this was by far my favorite and easily became my go-to weekly recipe. When I went vegan, I knew I had to veganize this one! I am so pleased with how my vegan version turned out and hope you will be too.
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Other Vegan Baking Recipes
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Vegan Banana DelightOne wonderful summer in lovely Northern California, I had the pleasure of camping with one of my favorite people ever (who I'll just call Alf). That night he introduced me to something I'll never forget...Banana Delight! Serve with some quality sipping whiskey and good friends.
2 results - showing 1 - 2