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doubling, tripling, quadrupling....

this recipe is so great, thanks for sharing it!
i would love to make this as a large batch so i can freeze enough butter to always have some on hand. i know with other recipes i struggle with double and tripling recipes, but maybe this one will be fine? i guess what i'm saying is: do you think i'll need to adjust anything, or just multiply?

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Thanks so much tacoma narrows! Since this recipe is mostly liquid based (as opposed to volume based), you should have no trouble doubling or tripling, it. The issue that's going to come up the more the recipe is scaled up is going to be relating to the amount of xanthan gum differing due to it being measured by volume. A quick search online (I don't have my "drug" scale with me at the moment) indicates that 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum weighs .75 gram. If you really wanted to scale this recipe up by a factor of four or more and guarantee the recipe be totally consistent, I'd recommend acquiring one of these scales (search for Jeweler Scale on Amazon) and measure out .75 grams xanthan gum with it instead of measuring the 1/4 teaspoon. The bottom line is: When scaling up, always convert a recipe from volume to weight. Eventually, when I have 3 billion years of spare time, I'll update all the recipes here to have both volume and weight measurements. Good luck!

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