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Vegan Yeasted Enriched Bread Recipes
ransom.cakes   June 08, 2010

Delicious and Easy Bagel Recipe!

I just made these bagels yesterday and they are delicious! Having a bit of a love for sweet bagels, before adding the onion and garlic powder to the flour mixture, I divided the flour mixture into two bowls with equal parts in each - I then added the garlic and onion powder to one bowl, and then to the other a mixture of cinnamon and sugar - i then divided the yeast/water mixture into half and added equal parts to each bowl. I kneaded them separately and to the sweet dough I kneaded raisins in the dough when i formed them into bagel shapes.

It wasn't that complicated to do two at once, and actually it was very nice to have the sweet bagels for breakfast and a savory bagel veggie sandwich for lunch.


2 results - showing 1 - 2