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sktlmt   May 01, 2013

Overwhelmed by ACV

I was really excited to try this recipe. I am not a vegan but I want to be able to bake for friends who are vegan. There are some issues with soy so I made cashew milk/cream btw it is so much creamier then almond milk. I let the milk and ACV sit on the counter for an hour or so. It takes about 3 days on the counter to get cashew milk with ACV to sour. I melted the coconut oil over hot water and let it return to room temp and blended everything together. All I could smell was the ACV I tasted it and it was the predominate flavor it was also a bit tart. Does this mellow out in the fridge/freezer? Would another acid be better with the cashew milk? Any suggestions would be great. I would like to learn from others as it will get very expensive going thru trial and error. Thanks

1 results - showing 1 - 1