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Vegan Muffin Recipes
by Mattie    

A deliciously sturdy recipe

I was missing some ingredients, but having blueberries and some no-kids-in-the-house time, I went for it, anyway.
I used 2 1/4 cups and 1 Tbsp of whole wheat flour, since I was out of AP flour. I didn't have any lemon extract or margarine. (Why did I try this?) But I used the Canola oil substitution given to another reviewer, and just omitted the lemon extract.
These muffins came out a lot more moist than I expected (all the oil, maybe?), and definitely needs two hands to eat, but the taste is outstanding! Delicious! I can't wait to try these again, using the recipe as written, and taking the awesomeness up a notch. But clearly this recipe is solid and can handle substitutions like a pro. A definite fave!

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