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by Mattie    

In the UK Alpro is a pretty good yoghurt. I really like their plain one all though it doesn't really have the sourness of a good dairy yoghurt. I made a pretty good soy yoghurt but have not had much luck making nut yoghurts. I added a bit of sweetner as nut milk apparently lacks the sugars to feed the culture. I also read that pectin thickens it but it didn't work at all for me. Have you tried making your own nut yoghurts and if you have what success have you had?

Owner's reply

Hi Gilly,

Making nut yogurts is a great idea! I've been meaning to delve into the art of making yogurts in the future. It makes sense to need to have to add sugar to give the yeast some fermentables to chew on because nuts lack that. Adding the pectin at this stage is definitely not recommended because it coats the fermentables so the east can't access it. I recommend mixing in a starch or pectin-thickened water-based mixture after fermentation has taken place. Feel free to get in touch via my user profile if you'd like to talk more in-depth about nut yogurt science. Good luck!

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