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Anything without Coconut?

This is an excellent article. It is well thought out and presented in an excellent format. I also appreciate your concern about palm and habitat destruction.

I have food allergies and cannot have palm or coconut products, corn, and dairy (among other things). That means I no longer have any butter alternatives other than hydrogenated soybean shortening. Do you have any other suggestions for fats that will work to create a vegan butter? Other than the one using cocoa butter, that is. I am looking forward to making a batch to use for baking desserts, but there are some uses that really shouldn't have a chocolate flavor.

Thank you for any suggestions that you might be able to offer.

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Hi Ktquilt, The lauric fats, that is, saturated plant-based fats from tropical regions, consist of cocoa butter, coconut, palm kernel and palm oils. These oils are necessary in vegan butter so it stays solid at room temperature. As of now I don't have any other solutions to creating vegan butter without lauric fats but if I ever do, rest assured that I'll post it. Good luck and let me know if you find an alternative!

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