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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    


so i made these and they were great but they seemed a bit too cakey/dry and they didn't really look like the ones in the picture. still, we had no trouble demolishing the entire pan in about 36 hours!

i tried a second batch tonight with some adaptations and they came out just the way i love 'em:
- i halved the ingredients because the first batch came out about 2" tall in the 8 x 8" pan
- i lined the pan with tin foil instead of parchment
- i used 2 oz of chocolate chips instead of 1/2 oz
- i used 4 tbsp of earth balance
- i left out the egg replacer/flax (i actually intended to use it but forgot!)
- i baked them for 30 mins

by far the best brownies i've eaten - and so relieved to find a good vegan recipe that doesn't use applesauce (love applesauce on its own, hate it in cakes).

Owner's reply

Hi vegantester, glad you got these brownies to 'the best you've eaten' status! Thanks for sharing!

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