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by Mattie    

Thanks for the article!

Hey Mattie! Thanks SO much for doing all that research on palm oil and bringing us up to date. My friend Vineet reminded me a few weeks back just how destructive palm oil farming is and it's been weighing on me since then. I emailed Earth Balance about my concerns and got a response the next day, basically saying that they are using responsibly grown palm oil. Maybe if we kept some pressure on them to change, they would....surely they could work some of their magic on coconut oil ?

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Hi Dale,

I don't know if coconut oil suffers the same sustainability issues currently because in my research on this article I wasn't able to find much concrete information on it compared to palm oil. I'm curious how Earth Balance is certifying their palm oil as being sustainable. Usually when a company takes steps to ensure their product is manufactured in an environmentally sustainable manner they also go our of their way to make it known to their consumers. Since Earth Balance hasn't done this it may be a good idea to take their clams with a grain of salt. I'm going to email them and see what they have to say on this.

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