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Vegan Frosting Recipes
by Mattie    

delicious flavor! any tips for preventing recryst

I just made this and I have to say that the flavor is AMAZING!!! Everyone should try it. It's the most delicious frosting I've ever had. I'm going to try the shortening-based one next to compare.
The only problem that I ran into was that my sugar syrup mixture recrystalized as it cooled (as in, it turned into a big hard block of flavored sugar), which resulted in a very grainy end-product, obviously. I know that sugar syrups can be tricky and hard to get right. I'm not sure if I agitated to much, cooled it too fast, had the heat wrong, etc. It could have also been that I didn't have enough liquid since I reduced the water by 1 Tbsp. I'm going to try this again to get it right, but I wanted to ask--are you whisking constantly and briskly the entire time (before and during boiling) for the 2 mins? Is there a certain temperature that the mixture is supposed to come to/be at on a candy thermometer? Finally, what is the texture supposed to be like when it's finished cooling--does it remain a liquidy, syrupy texture or does it get thicker?
Thank you for your help and for the great recipe!!

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Hi sugar-challenged,

Thanks so much for your questions. I've just updated all of my Rich Frosting recipes to specify a caramelization temperature of 230F for more precise, consistent results. I also updated the recipes to specify that it should be cooled in the refrigerator to 'near room temperature'. This combined with the agave syrup should reduce your chances of grainy sugar re-crystalization in the future. Thanks for the input!

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