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Vegan Hearth Bread Recipes
by Mattie    

Hi Mattie,

the bread sounds so yummo! Is a loaf form really required or could I just roll it up and put it on a baking tray?

Also if I don't have a thermometer, can I just take it out after 45 Mins or test it with a cake tester?

Looking forward to your reply to go and try it out!

Owner's reply

Hi Raspberry! The dough is really moist to ensure the load is springy. This moistness makes it unsuitable for baking without a loaf pan. If you attempted to bake it hearth style it would spread out too much. You could experiment with reducing the water content but it might take you a few tries to get it right.

Regarding baking time, if I don't have a thermometer I'll bake it until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped with a blunt object such as a rolling pin. I'm going to update the recipe to reflect that. A cake tester is usually not suitable for breads because it will show no crumbs even when the bread needs to be baked longer. Good luck!

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