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Vegan Butter

YIPEE!!!!!!!!! Chia Seeds AND Agar Agar work so well in your vegan butter recipe...and not coconut flavor at all so tastes like real butter!!!!!!!!!!!...I did not need to go further with Arrowroot or Flax Seeds as I am completely satisfied with Chia and Agar Agar results...Mattie: if it wasn't for your recipe I would have never know the basics for formula/ingredients so I am grateful you posted this recipe... the only change in the Chia Seed or Agar Agar Butter is:
1)...omit the Xanthan Gum. add 3 T. finely ground Chia Seeds (grind almost to powder in spice grinder) or 3 T. Agar Agar Flakes to 2).
2)... Add soy milk. apple cider vinegar. salt. 3 T. finely ground Chia Seeds or Agar Agar Flakes and let sit until curdled (15-20 minutes instead as Chias and Agar Agar have to turn glutinous so it will bind)
4)...add coconut oil (did not put in microwave - left solid). sunflower or safflower oil. Sunflower Lecithin.(I used Sunflower Lecithin as it is healthier than Soy Lecithin for me) and Chia Seed or Agar Agar mixture blending until emulsified. I had to change for my allergy but you Mattie started something good for all who care to listen and experiment for their daily wellness... Blessings...

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So glad this worked out June! I would expect the chia seeds to feel grainy on the palate but maybe not if you grind them way down. Good to know you also had great results with agar. Thanks so much for sharing and I'm so glad you were able to engineer your way to tasty vegan butter!

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