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Vegan Butter

I made the vegan butter and is it delicious!!! I never have food allergies but after spreading the vegan butter on toast one hour later my throat became sore and swollen...I did some research and found out about Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum can be very harmful to some people and wish I had not used these products(I made a large batch of butter)...I know you need a BINDER to emulsify but I will throw the first butter batch out as I did have a reaction to it and it has been two hours and still have throat problems...I was wondering if I added Instant Tapioca (to apple cider. soy milk. salt mixture so it softens) or Tapioca Flour to bind the oil: do you think this would work? if not, I will keep on researching until I find a more natural product...I really like your recipe for vegan butter: it has very good taste and texture but not all natural product...hope you can understand! :)

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