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  • mrsjbrunjes added Vegan Green Tea Cupcakes to favorites
    14 hours 24 minutes ago

    I love how green tea has a subtle ability to refresh coupled with a slight hint of savoriness. I adore how vegan cupcakes can be a celebratory canvas for almost any flavor combination, that you get to just pick up and take a bite out of. But how do you infuse green tea into a baked cake product? Easy, right? {loadposition share} I love how green tea has a subtle ability to refresh coupled with a...

  • karp505 shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    Took a shot at some croissants. Turns out getting the dough to be flaky and buttery isn't as hard as you would think. And it's a lot of fun!

  • Horne added Regular Vegan Butter - Cocoa Butter Base to favorites
    4 days ago

    When I originally developed my first Vegan Butter recipe I had no idea it would be helpful to so many bakers. I just wanted something that was truly homemade where I had full control of the production process so I could introduce variations to tailor the vegan butter to the application I was working on. Other advantages were that it didn't need to rely on palm oil, which much of the commercial...

  • Horne added Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies to favorites
    4 days ago

    For me, the ultimate cookie is crispy on the outside, yielding to a satisfying chew on the inside. This should not be confused with just a soft cookie. It should resist your bite a little and take a few moments to break down in your mouth as it provides bust of flavor with every chew. In contrast, soft cookies tend to be great on the first bite and disintegrate into nothingness soon after, often...

  • Horne added Flourless Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Mousse to favorites
    4 days ago

    This Flourless Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Mousse recipe features a silky vegan chocolate mousse enhanced with coconut oil, cocoa powder and a touch of vanilla extract. It's then blended with fresh raspberries for a delectable combination. It's also easy to make, wheat free and doesn't even require baking. The hardest part is waiting several hours for it to firm up in the fridge. {loadposition...

  • Julierose
    4 days ago

    Hi,I've just found out that Soyatoo make a cream that can be whipped,for the like of Granny's trifle etc.Does anyone know where I can get it ,apart from online? I heard that Tesco used to stock it but not anymore

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