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About Me

About Me

  • Please describe yourself

    Recent vegan convert
  • What are your interests?

    Baking, cooking, reading, health and holistic approaches to staying healthy
  • What are your absolute favorite things to bake?

    Veggies, casseroles, cookies, pies
  • What are your favorite vegan baked items to eat?

    Baked and roasted veggies
  • What types of vegan baking are you trying to master?

  • What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

  • What country do you live in?

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 17:08
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3 years ago
  • IBMiel added a reply in discussion Chocolate...
    3 years ago

    Hi Yuki244, have you tried Carob as a substitute? While it's not my favorite it's the only ingredient I know of that is a substitute for chocolate and is healthy as well See very short video at:


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