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About Me

About Me

  • Please describe yourself

    oh, this reminds me of that time someone asked me my special talent. it is vegan candy-making.
  • What are your interests?

    confections, classic lit, veganism, eating
  • What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

    HERE, radiohead, stars, the cranberries, the smiths
  • What are your favorite books?

    the lives of animals, disgrace, lullaby, miss lonelyhearts, lost horizon, the perks of being a wallflower, the little prince, the inheritors
  • What city do you live in?

  • What state do you live in?

  • What country do you live in?

  • Do you run any websites? If so, which ones?

    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
  • What do you do for a living?

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Reviewed by sam
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