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  • JustineDi added Vegan Chocolate Croissants - Pain au Chocolat to favorites
    1 week ago

    The only thing I like better than flaky, buttery, vegan croissants is flaky, buttery, vegan croissants wrapped around just the right amount of chopped dark chocolate so that it barely oozes out the sides as it's baked to perfection. In these chocolate croissants, also known as Pain au Chocolat , I used chocolate croissant dough which is made by mixing a little sugar and cocoa powder into the fat...

  • natasha
    1 week ago

    I have a friend coming around for afternoon tea who I having seen in a while. She has become vegan since I last saw her and I would like to bake something for her but I don't want to go out and buy fancy ingredients as I am on a limited budget. Can anyone recommend a good slice or cake recipe that uses ingredients a non-vegan might already have in the pantry?

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