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Vollrath's Cookie Sheet is a Step Above the Rest

Vollrath's Cookie Sheet is a Step Above the Rest Mattie

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Vollrath Cookie Sheet

You may not think that a cookie sheet is a big deal in the kitchen. All you need is a flat preferably metallic surface in which to place items to be baked right? You can pry those thin, corroded, cookie sheets that are permanently stained from a baking disaster in 1972 from my cold, dead fingers right? Wrong. Recently I realized how grateful I was that I finally found the ultimate solution to baking things like cookies, flatbreads, crackers and breads. Read on to see why I'm all about these Vollrath Cookie Sheets.

As the former owner of a vegan baking company several years ago, I feel like I've seen it all in regards to cookie sheets; from sheets that burn the bottoms of your cookies and leave the tops raw due to poor heat transfer to other types which decide to instantly warp at 348F degrees and occasionally send your cookies flying. At the time, I settled on commercial grade rimmed baking sheets lined with parchment paper. Recently I discovered these Vollrath sheets which are similar but do away with the rim which is only really needed if you're working with juicy baked items that need to be contained.

The benefits of a simple, thick aluminum sheet

Vollrath calls these sheets cookie sheets but they can be used for anything you'd like to bake in the oven that you would normally use a flat metal surface for. These sheets are simply just a thick sheet of polished aluminum. What sets them apart from anything out there is the fact that they have awesome heat transfer; In my testing they baked cookies with less browning than thinner aluminum or steel sheet metal baking sheets. This even heat transfer happens due to the thickness of the aluminum allowing the heat to disperse more readily. Another attribute that puts these sheets in a different class is that they're virtually indestructible and do not warp under any circumstances; even when baking a pizza crust at 500F (260C).

Being aluminum, these sheets do scuff easily but since they're so thick it doesn't matter. I was able to pick mine up at a discount because they were already scuffed in the store and marked down as a result. They're going to scuff anyway during normal use so it didn't matter to me. As long as you line them with parchment paper you'll have the best you can get from a baking sheet: non-stick, even heat transfer, easy cleanup and durability that will make these the last sheets you'll ever buy. And because the cookie sheet consists of a thick, polished sheet of aluminum with no space age coatings, that baking disaster of yore can just be scraped off and forgotten about.

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