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Go Max Go Candy Bars Mattie

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Go Max Go Candy Bars

When was the last time you had a really good candy bar? I mean to the point of where it rivaled an artisan chocolate? When I heard about these my initial thoughts were that it was great someone had finally started making candy bars without all the space age ingredients and animal by products- but they would still probably taste just like the candy bars they were trying to duplicate. I would then be back to square one. Wasn't one of the hidden benefits of veganism being that you didn't have to worry about accidentally eating two snickers bars at one sitting? Boy was I wrong about that assumption.

Go Max Go candy bars are a refreshingly different breed from the rest of the candy bar scene because they're back to basics bars using high quality ingredients with no animal products. This has the benefit of making them more appealing for those of us who like to eat food that hasn't been processed in a lab. It also has the benefit of making these bars taste amazing! These are what the mainstream candy bars always wanted to be. They are much more dense, and the flavors seem to come through with more intensity. If you cut these into small pieces and put them in an artisan chocolate box I would just assume they were artisan chocolates. I feel sorry for those mainstream bars now. Go Max Go candy bars come in 4 flavors so far:


This bar is designed to resemble the Snickers bar and has a layer of nougat topped with caramel, peanuts, then coated in rice milk chocolate. I wished there were more peanuts but the intensity of the caramel made up for it. 


This bar emulates the Three Muskateers bar and consists of nougat coated in rice milk chocolate. the Buccaneer's nougat was much more dense and flavorful. It seemed more concentrated and almost caramel-like. The flavor was much more complex and it was surprising that it was being driven by just nougat.


This bar is similar to a Milky Way and involved the nougat from the Buccaneer covered with a layer of caramel coated in rice-milk chocolate. Since the nougat and caramel was so intense, it blew the traditional bar out of the galaxy (pun intended).


This was my favorite bar because I'm a sucker for coconut and chocolate. This bar is Go Max Go's version of an Almond Joy- coconut and almonds in a rice milk chocolate coating. The texture of the coconut was denser and more flavorful than the bar it emulates. This bar lacked that mysterious I-can't-put-my-finger-on-it flavor that plagues the Almond Joy.
Normally I avoid rice milk chocolate due to it's inconsistent mouthfeel but I found that Go Max Go got it right with these bars. The rice milk chocolate was smooth and silky. I'd be interested to try a dedicated rice milk chocolate bar if they decided to make one and, of course, something similar to a Twix would be life altering. Even if the original versions of these bars didn't exist, Go Max Go candy bars wouldn't be any less extraordinary. 

They're available here.

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