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Tips for Perfect Vegan Cookies Every TimeWhether you choose to indulge in chocolate chip or something a bit more exotic, there’s nothing better than a freshly baked, warm and delicious cookie. Unless, of course, that cookie is also of the vegan variety. While there are a number of great vegan cookie recipes out there, it’s sometimes important to get back to basics and look at what really makes a cookie come out great, as even the best recipe can be botched by a lack of attention to detail.
  • Check the expiration. It may not seem like it matters if you use baking soda that has been sitting around for awhile, but using older ingredients can sometimes result in flat, hard cookies and no one wants that.
  • Take out cookies before they’re brown. One surefire way to prevent burnt or overdone cookies is by taking them out before they actually look done. They’ll continue to cook even after they’re out of the oven.
  • Aim for consistency. If you want your cookies to come out equally well done, try to make them all relatively close to the same size. You may be able to better modulate this by using a cookie scoop or an ice cream scoop.
  • Try parchment paper. Whether you want to keep new pans looking good or just want to make baking more efficient, parchment paper is an essential tool. Try putting a sheet over your cookie sheet to make it easy to remove cookies when they’re done and quickly put in another batch. 
  • Know your oven. Having an oven that has a different temperature on the inside than what the knob on the outside says can be disastrous, leaving you with burned, inedible hockey pucks instead of the delicious cookies you were hoping for. If you think your oven may be off, use an oven thermometer to gauge before you bake.
  • Work at room temp. Some ingredients, namely margarine, can cause your cookies to bake unevenly if they’re not warmed to room temp before mixing with other ingredients. So next time you’re baking, plan ahead for warming time.
  • Be accurate. You wouldn’t just throw ingredients around in a chemistry lab, and you shouldn’t do it in your kitchen either. After all, baking is based on chemical processes and you want to make sure you’re getting them right. Invest in some quality measuring cups and spoons for both wet and dry ingredients to ensure accuracy.

While these tips may not make you into a master baker overnight they will help ensure that your next batch of vegan cookies meets its full deliciousness potential.

This post was contributed by Kathleen Baker, who writes about an online health care administration degree. She welcomes your feedback at KathleenBaker3212 at

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