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Vegan Baking Guides
by Mattie    


I agree that the cheese situation is dreadful. I'm vegan because of the animals, I'm no health freak so I don't mind processed food. Everybody's different though and together we all make change. I bet though that if Mc Donalds wanted to offer a vegan cheese burger they would find a delicious replacement. The only reason why there are no decent substitutes is that the big corporations are not on the case (yet?).

Owner's reply

I think you hit the nail on the head there SAmBisa. Just wait until a company approaches vegan cheese with a multi-million dollar budget and dedicated food scientists. I predict this will happen within a few years. It's already happening now with egg whites by Hampton Creek Foods. It's going to take startup to disrupt this game; the traditional food companies would never engineer this from within.

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