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Daiya has recently come out with a vegan cream cheese. What's your take?

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Great question Anna! I actually tried the Daiya cream cheese and personally found it to be inedible- I really wanted to like it but I had to throw it away. I felt that it had a jelly-like mouthfeel due to it containing far too much hydrocolloids like xanthan gum. In my opinion, it contained way too much sugar to build, or cover the lack of, cream cheese flavor. I was really surprised because I feel like Daiya is a new type of company that sort of "gets it" more than most of their competition. I was a little bummed that they seemed to have missed the mark on this one as much as they did because I really want vegan food companies to do well in the marketplace. Of course, this is my personal opinion.

Within the next few years, someone is going to come into this space with an actual fermented cream cheese and blow the competition away. We're all going to laugh and say "remember when we had to eat those horrible processed vegan cream cheeses?! Companies that aren't understanding and using fermentation are going to be left on the sidelines because it's absolutely necessary when emulating an actual dairy-based product.

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