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by Mattie    

We obviously have opposite taste buds. I give Almond Milk a very high rating. Almond milk is drinkable alone, which I don't find among other milks. And the chocolate is pretty good. Hemp milk is at the bottom for me. Hemp milk tastes like rope. And yes, I know what rope tastes like...I was a kid once. Rice milk tastes like watery rice, and I don't like this flavor in liquid form. Soy milk tastes like weeds (too planty) and I don't like this either. Coconut milk, even the unsweetened kind, is actually sweet. It's good in cereal and coffee. So, I don't really understand your ratings. We're complete opposites, here.

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Hi Julie67! I love the chocolate almond milks too! It's great that there is a market for all of these non-dairy milks. If all of our taste buds worked the same there would only be one type that would sell. Thanks for sharing!

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