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Father's Day Vegan Buying Guide

Father's Day Vegan Buying Guide Mattie

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Father's Day Buying GuideFather's Day is coming on Sunday, June 21st so you'd better get on it and show Dad that he's #1 (or you might get grounded). We've compiled a list for all you sons and daughters out there who have been trying to figure out what to get dear ol' Dad while somewhat keeping with the theme of vegan baking. A stretch? Possibly. As you lead a cruelty-free lifestyle, It's important remember to give gifts that don't say "I'm vegan and I got you this vegan gift". Read on for our recommendations.

Beer Brewing Kit

A Beer Brewing Kit from Seven Bridges Cooperative is a great way give a crafty father the gift that keeps on giving. Brewing beer is basically the liquid version of baking bread except water is your flour, malt is your sugar, hops are your spices and you get alcohol as a bonus- and we've been baking all these years like suckers. These kits range in price from $85 to $269. Don't forget to get a Beer Ingredient Kit as well. It's recommended to start out with one of the Easy-Brew kits first because it can turn into quite a long production if you go for the more extensive ones. If you're extra good Dad might even give you some when he's done brewing it.

Dad's more of a drinker than a brewer you say? Then you may want to consider...

Membership to the Beer of the Month Club or Wine of the Month Club

The Beer of the Month Club is a great way to expand an adventurous Dad's palette for beer: Each month, our brewing experts sample dozens of specialty-brewed, hand-crafted beers from independent breweries nationwide. Only the best-of-the-best become selections of the Beer of the Month Club. Each monthly selection features twelve bottles of hard-to-find, micro-brewed beer from two different award-winning breweries and each shipment includes up to four different varieties of premium beer.

Wino Dads would love the Wine of the Month Club which feature(s) two bottles of wine from two different award-winning wineries worldwide and you can choose to receive all red wine, all white wine, or a bottle of each.

Waffle Maker

Dads are usually all about brunch and that includes waffles. The smell of waffles in the morning is the next best thing after the smell of fresh bread. A Calphalon waffle maker can be a great gift for Dad especially if you're the one getting up early to make the waffles. This baby packs room for four waffles so you won't have to worry about everyone sitting around drooling all over you for two hours while you make them, which is often the case with the single waffle irons. It also has a dial that's allegedly more accurate than the slider that's on some of the cheaper models. We've got some waffle recipes for you to try out on it too.

Bread Machine

What Dad in this crazy world would ever think of making his bread by hand? That's why we're including this Bread Machine by Panasonic. This bad boy can do white, whole wheat, multigrain, and French breads, each made according to what's best for each particular style. There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread while not having your arms sore from kneading- Dads and kneading are like oil and water. This would be perfect for all those crazy sandwiches that Dads like. What's up with Dads and sandwiches anyway?

Other Goodies

Still not feeling any of these gifts for Dad? How about putting together a little medley of artisan nuts from Olomomo?
They have several flavors including Maple & Orange Roasted Pecans, Cinnamon & Cayenne Roasted Almonds and Cardamom & Vanilla Roasted Almonds.

This would be great paired with some Fazenda Kaquend, Brasil Cup of Excellence #1 coffee from Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco.

No matter what you give your Dad for Father's Day, the most important thing you can do for him is to tell him you love him.

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