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When I was about eight or so, I realized that it was pretty interesting that almost everyone seemed to have no problem with ending a life in order to put a meal on the table. What if there was a way around that? I filed that thought in the back of my mind until right after high school where, while adopting a vegetarian diet, I went vegan on a dare. It was easier than I thought after I got over all those cheese cravings but how was I supposed to recreate all of my favorite vegan foods?
Whether you’re vegan or striving to adopt a diet that eliminates certain food products, there’s still a fundamental need to be able to have access to your most favorite comfort foods. As I realized this, I found that breaking food down into the smallest components, understanding the food science behind it, then building it back up into a vegan recipe that works, while educating the reader why it works is the best way for me to accomplish this mission. Giving up butter? Why not just invent our own?
Traditional modern baking is based off a couple hundred years of baking habits using mostly sugar, eggs, butter and flour. Why not rewrite the rules a little with some modern food science concepts? And while we’re at it, let’s share our ideas and results! is a culmination of all of these ideas.
I feel that healthy vegan eats are currently pretty well covered out there. I personally strive to focus on recipes that place taste as the top priority so you'll find lots of that here. Vegan recipes designed in this way will still be far less unhealthy than their cholesterol and saturated fat laden counterparts.

Welcome! is dedicated to you: all bakers everywhere who strive to push the limits of baking by eliminating animal products. is your cookbook! In order for it to serve its purpose I encourage you to join our vegan baking community then feel free to share your recipes and find vegan baking recipes. Stuck on a vegan baking project and need some insight? Ask me in the Ask a Vegan Baker section. Looking for a vegan bakery or want to get the word out about your own? Then head over to the Vegan Bakery Directory. Check out the Baking Tools section for helpful charts on things like temperature conversion, vegan baking substitutions and caramelization temperatures.

Unlike other recipes sites on the internet with many thousands of recipes, has hundreds of recipes that strive to guide you through the hows and whys of the recipe along the way. As these recipes are tested by the worldwide community they're often updated based on user feedback, making them even better.

I hope you enjoy using as much as I enjoy providing it.

-Mattie (also friend me on Facebook and Google+)

I also run FoodCraftLab where I attempt to gain a thorough understanding of food science and apply it to new vegan food concepts.