Vegan Baking Tips

Have vegan baking tips we should know about? Let us know and we'll share them with the world!
Love that irresistible smell of the house when brownies are baking? You're actually smelling those precious volatile flavor compounds literally being baked out of your chocolatey goodies. Nooooo! Chocolate contains hundreds of flavor compounds that can be released and/or burned in the presence of heat which can also introduce unwanted bitter flavors. To ensure that your chocolate goodies are as decadent as possible it's important to make sure they're accompanied by lots of fat to hold in those volatile flavors, and to err on the side of underbaking so bitter flavors are kept to a minimum.
Adding beet purée to your batter is a great way to add a reddish hue to your baked items. When baking with beet purée don't for get to add some lemon juice to the batter. The acids in the lemon juice will allow the beets to retain their deep red color instead of turning your batter slightly gray during baking. This visual difference will make them much more appetizing, believe me.
Optimum texture of ice cream and sorbet is crucial to how it's flavor is perceived in your mouth. Too hard and it will be difficult to scoop and tastebud-numbingly cold. Too warm and it will be too sweet and syrupy. For optimum flavor and mouthfeel, store ice cream between 6 and 10F (-14 and -11C). If you're storing ice cream for long periods, store it between -5 and 0F (-21 and -18C).
Flax and Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which can add a health bonus to your baked items. These fats are extremely perishable and when rancid can actually have negative health consequences while negatively affecting the flavor of your baked items. Store flax and chia seeds in a covered container in the freezer where they will keep for up to one year.
Chopping chocolate with a serrated knife such as a bread knife is considerably easier than chopping with a sharp chef or santoku knife. Why? The serrated knife edge creates cracks in the chocolate that enables separation whereas the sharp knife cuts through which requires considerably more effort.